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Metal frame connectors should theoretically make your building go up faster and stronger...

Website Owner With much of the items listed here a person needs to use their imagination to finish off the project. Meaning for example you can make a simple design on paper for a small dwelling or tent and use accessories available from the listed suppliers to provide framework connectors or to provide maybe a canvas or poly covering. You might be able to modify an existing prefab canvas or poly covering to allow for a door or window. A lot of the things listed here are not designed for human habitation. You have to make them habitable and use common sense. Be careful that you don't suffocate yourself - I need all the Shed Shelter visitors i can get!

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  1. Picture of 'Lumber Links' in use. SOCKET SYSTEMS   You know that we have discussed metal connectors for use in building storage sheds, but these are a little different in that they are heavy-duty built for use in building a large structure such as a cabin or barn or garage. These are the only ones i have seen like this. These are not your grandmother's connectors - but provide extra strength and could save you money in framing materials. If you are a "Do-It-Yourselfer" then these connectors will probably make your project a lot easier.

    Want to build your own Garage, Pole Barn, Home, or Addition without heavy lifting equipment? Lumber Link is the answer. Since 1983 Socket Systems has helped hundreds build a living, working, or storage space using rough cut (not treated) lumber and Lumber Link, steel joinery. This alternative to trusses and conventional pole building methods, saves material, labor, equipment and money. Everyone can now build a perfect Pole Barn or their very own home! If you're looking for even more, Socket Systems will customize any of our joinery to suit your needs. Yes, you can do this yourself! Socket Systems has been creating homes and work spaces for over 25 years. We're proud of our products and the personal service we offer every customer. Don't forget, Socket Systems can customize our product to suit your needs.

    Socket Systems LLC • PO Box 160 • Canfield OH 44406 USA • Toll Free: (800) 724-8250 • Ph: (330) 286-3500 • Fax: 330-286-3501 • Email Ikon [email protected]

  2. EMT Pipe Connector Fitting PARTY TENT CITY   This business based in Texas has a very good selection of EMT pipe fittings which would work for building your own tent or fabric covered cabin framework. rent a porta potty in Gaithersburg MD

    El Monte CA porta potty

    porta potties Erie

    Sioux City IA porta potty

    Champion Portable Toilets Encinitas CA

    portable toilets in Haverhill MA

    portable toilets in Troy

    rent a porta potty in Pittsburg CA

    portable toilets Round Rock TX

    portable toilets in Yakima WA

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    porta potty Somerville MA

    Even though they seem to specialize in large open air type tents or shade structures - you can still find a way to enclose both ends of the structure to make something more livable.

    Hi, At we sell a modular tent kit. When you buy a 20 x20 tent this year and next year you want it larger like 20x30 - you can just order more parts and never waste a part. I have models from 10x10 to 40x60 including 10x20, 10x30, 20x20, 20x30, 20x40, 30x40, 40x40, 40x50 and 40x60. Below is as diagram of a 20x20 party tent that sells for $243.75. It is the least expensive model with no valance and no sides. Sides are available at a slightly higher cost. This kit does not include the 1" EMT electrical conduit pipe which is too heavy to ship. You would buy that in the electrical department at Home Depot in your city. The number of pieces needed at the top of each diagram. Click here to see over 100 easy to tarp and tent items in my Ebay store at: here.

    Party Tent City • 31 Gessner Road • Houston Texas USA • Ph: (713) 467-3025 • Cell: (713) 927-4479

  3. Geodesic Hub Connectors UNIVERSAL HUB SYSTEMS   Here's a new geodesic hub connector system. Not made for low cost backyard projects.

    We manufacture geodesic hub connectors for cold form steel geodesic design. This is a universal hub connection system that can be used, makes all sizes of domes. While it will work with wood lumber, we like cold formed steel and the system was designed to allow for geodesic construction with it. Cold formed steel is insect proof and won't rot from moisture. It is inexpensive, easily available and exceptionally strong. It lends itself to geodesic design with our system. I developed a uniform hub system for 3 frequency geodesic dome construction. The hubs are fabricated with CNC technology and made from 12 gauge steel This connector system is easy to use, but not cost effective for a pool covering, burning man, a back yard playhouse or a casual greenhouse. There are several folks who weld steel connectors to create hub system for casual dome construction. I am happy to send you to a page with free designs for that kind of construction. Our geodesic connector systems has no welds that can fail. They are punched from plate steel with a $750,000.00 computer cad manufacturing process. These are not for creating childern's toys or seasonal buildings. These were designed for solid, long term construction in areas subject to sever weather. Each hub has two connectors and the cold formed steel framing members are utilized for maxium strength of the structure. The system was created so that people could work with steel lumber in their geodesic designs easily. They can be used for any size of dome.

    Ozark Dome • PO Box 61 • Licking MO 65542 USA • Ph: (573) 729-6725 • Email Ikon [email protected]

  4. Star Plate attached STARPLATES   These have been around for a long time. Starplates are steel plates, with channels to hold 2x2's, 2x3's or 2x4's. You simply drill holes in each end of 25 struts of equal length and bolt them into the 11 star plates to build a solid, mini-dome framework in UNDER TWO HOURS! They are being sold by "Strombergs" a seller of chicks (not women or young ladies) gamebirds. Click on the "Starplate Building Systems link" to go to the Starplate page. Their phone number is: 1-800-720-1134. I don't know who else sells these. They were very popular years ago. The picture on the right is an example of someone building a small cabin using starplates. I have viewed these starplate frames closeup and i think they are hard to sheath because of the odd angles they produce. Click here to view sample contruction project using starplates.

    Strombergs' Chicks • PO Box 400 • Pine River MN 56474 USA • Toll Free: (800) 720-1134 • Ph: (218) 587-2222 • Fax: (218) 587-4230

  5. Multi-Strut MULTISTRUT   This appears to be a very simple yet ingenious metal connector which can be used to tie two pieces of lumber together forming a very strong truss unit. These can be used for both roof and floor span members. But take note: This is no small business. They operate very professional websites and develop very sophisticated products including floor design software.

    "MultiStrut Joists (MSJ) were first introduced into Australia by Multinail Australia in 1985. Since their intorduction MultiStrut Joists have revolutionised the building industry creating a more streamlined, economical construction method for builders. MultiStrut Joists are manufactured to meet the precise specifications of each job. As the joists are sized to meet a specific job, theft from site is significantly reduced leading to cost savings for the builder. If required MSJs can be manufactured with double or triple timber end webs to allow joists to be trimmed on site. An additional benefit with the use of MultiStrut Joists is the ease of running services. Plumbing, electrical, air conditioning and heating ducts can be positioned between the chords and the webs in both directions with no cutting or drilling, leading to time savings on site. MultiStrut Joists are ideal for domestic floor construction and can be used in commercial floors as joists, rafters, purlins and girst. MultiStrut Joists can also be used in roofs, cantilevered balconies and other special applications."

    MULTINAIL AUSTRALIA PT LTD • 155 Burnside Rd • Stapylton, QLD 4207 • Australia
    Phone: + 61 (0)7 3297 3250 • Fax: + 61 (0)7 3807 2978 • Email Ikon [email protected]

  6. Easy Shed Kit EASY SHED KIT   Go to Gardening tab > Hardscaping/Landscaping > Structural Fasteners.

    "Building a shed is made easy using this kit. The roof is usually the hardest part to build but with both peak brackets and plate brackets supplied the process is simplified providing both strength and simplicity of construction. It is easy to build walls and floors following the included illustrated manual and materials list. One kit will make an 8ft long shed, 6ft, 8ft, or 10ft wide. Additional brackets are available for increased length. Kit hardware includes a rafter-cutting template, 5 peak brackets, 10 plate brackets (for attaching to walls) and 90 galvanized screws. For each 2ft of additional length you will need two more plate brackets and one more peak bracket. Use with 2x4s. Made of powder-coated steel."

    Lee Valley Tools Ltd • PO Box 1780 • Ogdensburg NY 13669 • Toll Free: (800) 871-8158
    Lee Valley Tools Ltd • PO Box 6295 Station J • Ottawa ON K2A 1T4 Canada • Toll Free: (800) 267-8767 • Email Ikon [email protected]

  7. Old Moldy Geodesic Hub OHME GEODESIC DOME HUB   It appears to me to be a heavy-duty connector system which can be used with 2X4 lumber. Sheathing can be whatever the user desires. Looks good, but does not include doorways or window sections. I suppose the builder using these connectors would have to design any openings they want. Same principle as the starplate system. Both systems when assembled make a structure, but you have to configure the openings you might want.

    Dale Ohme set out to build a one piece all-angles-included connector that would accept square-cut lumber. He received patent approval for the Ohme Dome Hub design in 1982. The goal was to manufacture his patented cast aluminum connectors and sell them with cutting templates and assembly instructions to contractors, do-it-you-selfers and anyone else interested in an energy efficient, super strong Dome structure. Ohme Enterprises has completed all the steps to manufacture a line of cast connectors that can build geodesic domes from 12 feet to 48 feet in diameter!

    Ohme Enterprises Inc • 13991 Balsam Lane N • Dayton Minnesota 55327 USA • Ph: (763) 458-6246
    Email Ikon [email protected]

  8. Shelters To Go SHELTERS-TO-GO   I love these tube connectors. You can build all kinds of low cost shelters with them. I have made a 4ft x 8ft shelter with these using Electrical Metal Tubing. I have plans for making some more bigger structures in the future. Possibly great for making camping or homeless dwellings.

    "With our building connectors you can create temporary shelters, product displays, flea market booths and much more for a variety of indoor and outdoor uses. Lock together the framework of EMT (electrical metal tubing) or also called electrical conduit (you can buy locally) using the building connectors and then stretch tarps over it using ball bungees, anchor it, and you have shelter! If you ever liked playing with erector sets as a kid, you'll love this system! We have many sizes and shapes to choose from; so you can design just about any shelter you can think of from lightweight 3/4in EMT to heavy weight 1-7/8in!"

    Shelters-To-Go • PO Box 5039 • Central Point Oregon 97502 • Ph: (541) 664-1349 • Contact Form

  9. Fast Framer FAST FRAMERS   These are Galvanized metal connectors used with 2x4's for building shed or backyard home office type buildings. This connector system has been on the market for quite awhile, it's not something new.

    "Fast Framer Universal Framing Kit. Eliminates angle cutting! Unique galvanized steel angles and base plates make erecting a building fast and easy! Great for constructing a storage shed, tool shed, mini-barn or boat house. Kit includes 24 steel angles, 12 base plates, material lists and plans for a 7ft Wide x 8ft Long, an 8ft Wide x 14ft Long, and a 10ft Wide x 22ft Long building. Order two framing kits for an 8ft Wide x 14ft Long building; order three kits for a 10ft Wide x 22ft Long building. Lumber and roofing materials not included."

    Northern Tool + Equipment • 2800 Southcross Drive West
    Burnsville Minnesota 55306 • Toll Free: (800) 221-0516 • Ph: (952) 894-9510 • Fax: (952) 894-1020

  10.  Lobel Frames LOBEL FRAMES   This site is unique in that it specializes in shapes which can be used in building projects all having the property of identical sides or elements as the author describes them. Included are frame connectors and coverings. Very important topics. This is a design site. I do not think any physical product is being sold here. But this is a good site about a design system that this person has invented. "Forms and Structures generated by identical elements." Click on "connectors" to view connector system.

    Picture on the right is of the connectors used to make the lobel frames. "This assembly is extraordinary. Whatever the position of triangles, the stresses converge towards the center. Cheap to produce."

    Alain LOBEL, Architect • 31, rue Varengue 92340 • Bourg La Reine - FRANCE
    Email Ikon [email protected]

  11. EZ-UP Frame Connector EZ-UP FRAME CONNECTORS   Best used with projects of light structural framing. Possible uses might include camping tent or individual homeless shelter. Available from backyardcity and shadebuilder. They also sell the "Quick Framer Kit" which creates a barn like shed.

    EZ Up Storage Shed Kits - Fast Frame Kits - Quick Frame Kits These kits are designed to make the task of building a shed or barn safe and simple. These Fast, Easy Framing Kits provide special patented stud and angle brackets so there are never any angles to cut - no more mitering, EVER! Easy, affordable, and versatile Storage Shed Kits. These Storage Shed Kits are perfect for Greenhouses, Storage Sheds, Utility Sheds, Wood Shed, even a Dog House, Play House and more. You order these easy to use, patented Framing brackets and build the tool shed, storage unit or even Play house to the size you want. It's that simple. And the costs are so affordable. Try these patented Easy Framing Kits today. • 452 Distribution Pkwy • Collierville TN 38017 USA • Toll Free: (888) 751-0101
    Ph: (901) 221-0101 • Fax: (901) 531-8145 • Email Ikon [email protected]

  12. Adapt Metal Framework Tower ADAPT BUILDING SYSTEMS   This is a bolt together framing system for attachment of SIPs panels. I think you could use this system even for smaller homes or cabins. Erector Set anyone?

    In developing Adapt, we reflected on the enduring usage in construction of "brick" and "stick." A considerable amount of the appeal of these systems is their versatility and ability to be field-modified to almost any shape. Architects and builders can take "brick" and "stick" to create and shape buildings to fit a site, a community, or the people who will dwell within; but not without a considerable amount of labor and expense. It is here that manufacturing can move the future of building "out of the box," and improve the building process itself while retaining the design flexibility inherent with more traditional methods. The Adapt system fits the bill on both of these counts. It is a frame and panel building system consisting of standardized components, where both the frame and panel can be regionally stocked and field modified to create almost any shape of building. The frame can be built structurally in three dimensions by making simple cuts on glulam timbers and the steel columns can be sized with a metal saw in the field (no field welding). The building frame simply bolts and screws together. The structural insulated panels (SIPs) are sized for ease of stocking, handling and availability of pre-finished surfaces. SIPs are easily field-cut or may come precut from the factory with openings for windows and doors. We invite you to put the Adapt system to the test. Whether you're working with traditional shapes that pay tribute to the beauty of the past or futuristic shapes from a bold tomorrow; we hope you find it a long-needed step forward in building greener, safer, and smarter.

    Adapt Building Systems • 4240 N 136th Ave • Holland MI 49424 USA • Toll Free: (800) 354-7721
    Email Ikon [email protected]

  13. Grid Beamers GRID BEAMERS   This website is promoting a system of building different items based on their method or technique which requires a uniform connection system, i think. But anyway they do not show a housing system yet, not even a small hut or tiny shed. I am including this here in the hopes that someone will use their system to build a small dwelling for human use.

    Grid Beam is a reusable structural system that allows you to dream-up and build complex projects faster than any other construction technology that you or I have ever seen! Grid beam uses a simple geometry and a repeating hole pattern to create what we call tri-lapping joints or Tri-joints. When three beams are brought together in an xyz axis, (like in a corner) the bolt holes magically line up. Three bolts from three directions lock the materials together, into perfect 90 degree angles, something difficult to achieve when welding. Though clunky looking at first, they add strength and rigidity to projects. Tri-joints can be created anywhere in a frame but usually end up in the corners. The more tri-joints in a frame, the stronger it becomes. Grid beam can be made of any square stock drilled with our repeating hole pattern on all sides. It is then cut off into modular lengths such as 1ft, 2ft, 3ft. And so on. Any square stock can be made into Gridbeam so long as the hole spacing is equal to the width of the material. That's important because the hole spacing is the key to its structural abilities.

    Phil Jergenson • Ph: (707) 459-4240 • Email Ikon [email protected]

  14. Quick Framer GT SALES   This company features: Easy Framing Kits for Storage Buildings, Sheds, Greenhouses More. Including: Quick Framer, Fast Framer EZ-Up Connectors. Picture is of the "Quick Framer" Kit which makes a Gambrel Style roof. None of these kits include the lumber, just metal connectors, that's all.

    "Unique angle brackets make our storage shed kits and greenhouse building plans simple and safe - there are no miter angles to cut, ever! Whether your backyard project includes a storage building kit, a child's playhouse, or garden shed plans, our patented brackets and building kits along with detailed, easy to follow plans will provide you with the information you need to make the job go quickly and easily. Our kits and plans for storage buildings are perfect for backyard greenhouses, storage sheds, woodsheds and even doghouses and playhouses. Try one of our affordable and versatile storage building kits today!"

    GT Sales Inc • 415 Reservoir Road • Whitefish Montana 59937 • Ph: (406) 250-7054 • Cell: (406) 253-5138 • Fax: (800) 880-3178 • Email Ikon [email protected]

  15. Simpson Strong-Tie SIMPSON STRONG-TIE   These are steel connectors which can be used to build a shed or a larger building. Connectors add greater strength and safety to your project, require fewer nails for installation, and often eliminate the need for toenailing or more complicated traditional construction methods. I use these connectors for small projects and use the light gauge metal connectors which work well with Simpson's wood screws called:   SD8 Strong-Drive #8 x 1¼", also called:   SD8X1.25. You can buy a 100 pack at Home Depot or most hardware stores. Interesting story about the start of this big company:

    The Simpson Family has been in the San Francisco Bay Area building community since 1914, but it wasn't until the mid-1950s that they launched the business that would become a world leader in their industry. And it all really began with a visit from a neighbor. The doorbell rang one Sunday night in 1956, recalled Barclay Simpson, who took over a window screen business from his father in 1947. Outside was a neighbor who was looking to make structural connectors for the ends of 2x4s for a flat roof. Could Simpson help him out? "I said, 'Of course,'" Simpson said. "Then I went about trying to figure out whether I could." It was that request for a joist hanger that led to the creation of Simpson Strong-Tie, a global company with more than $750 million in sales worldwide (2008), more than 2,000 employees, and 10 US and eight international manufacturing locations. As a publicly traded company, Simpson Manufacturing Co. has had exceptional performance records since the company's 1994 IPO. As a result, it has consistently commanded the respect of industry analysts for its market leadership, strong fiscal management, and innovative approach to growth.

    Simpson Strong-Tie • 5956 W Las Positas Blvd • PO Box 10789 • Pleasanton, CA 94588 • Ph: (925) 560-9000 • Toll Free: (800) 925-5099 • Fax: (925) 847-1597

  16. Connector Fitting COVER ME TARPS CANOPIES   They are based in South Carolina USA. Using their products a person could put together their own portable shelter. They sell steel connectors for building your own framework using either 1" EMT conduit or 1-3/8 or 1-5/8 Chain Link Toprail. They also have a large selection of poly tarps for use as coverings. Lots of possibilities here.

    Frame Tent Manufacturing. Providing temporary shelter from sun rain. Large selection of canopy grade 6 oz. silver sunblock or 6 oz. white poly tarps. Valanced Tarps, Canvas Tarps, residential or commercial grade mesh tarps, PVC Flame Retardant Tarps and shadecloth. Polytarp canopies, vinyl canopies and shadecloth canopies all in stock. Huge inventory of Professional quality easy up style Instant Shelters. We offer direct service or online ordering. Join our mailing list and recieve specials, promotions, new product information, discount coupons more.

    Cover Me Tarps Canopies Inc • PO Box 1313 • Pickens SC 29671 • Ph: (864) 878-1313 • Fax: (864) 898-0687 • Email Ikon [email protected]

  17. Simpson strong-tie Gazebo Connector DOME KITS INFO   This site is great for the Do-It-Yourselfer. You can create your own hexagon connector, Simpson Strong-tie makes their Gazebo Connector # GT6Z. They are listed under Home Project Connectors in their catalog. You may have to order these. A box of 8 will cost under $50. It can also be adapted with some effort to fit a pentagon hub. Be sure to check out their cool "Earth Ball Dome".

    Dome Kits owner builder option is intended for those people who want to cut their own Dome Kits and save from purchasing over priced kits from the dome manufactures. All the information is in this website to cut and fabricate the components to build a 3 or 4 frequency geodesic dome structure from wood or light gauge steel. This information is designed to share some simple and inexpensive dome building methods that we have been using for over thirty-five years. All components are patented, licensed and certified by the Underwriters Laboratories and can be purchased from your local hardware store and construction supply house. You can act as your own general contractor, project manager and design consultant in every phase of construction and build sweat equity in the process. Dome Kits main goal and inspiration is to build a better way of life with the use of modern materials and innovative designs. Dome Kits continues to design affordable housing for as many people as possible. Dome Kits manufacturers single-family homes, condominium units, multi-family homes and commercial structures. Dome Kits specialty is spherical structures for any use, with the ability of being independent, self-sustaining habitats. Dome Kits is a diversified full-service building contractor. Offering the most affordable dome kits for the do-it-yourselfer or for turnkey custom homes. From consultation to design and engineering of your dome kit plans to the manufacturing and prefabrication of your dome kits. Dome Kits continues to provide the most user friendly dome kits. Creating energy efficient, low cost dome homes has been the driving force to designing and engineering structurally sound dome kits with a novice owner build construction method. Contact our experts to initiate a detailed discussion about the needs and budget allocated to your project, and learn how Dome Kits corporate strength can be placed solidly behind your project requirements.

    Dome Kits • Ph: (704) 701-5331 • Email Ikon [email protected]

  18. Picture of Timberlinx Pipe  Connector Pins TIMBERLINX   A very useful product when you want to build structures using big heavy logs or raw timbers or cut timbers in timber frame construction. They are used to preserve the appearance of traditional joints at a fraction of the cost.

    Timberlinx is a connection tube, inserted equally in both members of the joint and linked by two expanding cross pins.

    • Easily installed using only an electric drill and jig.
    • Completely embedded.
    • Readily tightened at installation or later.
    • Appears similar to mortise and tenon joint when plugged.
    • Stronger than mortise and tenon.
    • Fastest, most cost-effective timber joining system in the industry... PERIOD!
    • Certified by CCMC to new international standards (See Report #13091-R).
    • Certified for both shear and tension values.
    • Versatile: Wood/wood, wood/concrete, wood/steel connectors.
    • To build timber trusses, newel deck posts, playground equipment.
    • To repair old and deteriorating tenons.
    • Range of sizes adaptable to every joint imaginable.
    • Used as single or multiple units or in conjunction with mortise and tenon joints to enhance or supplement.
    • TIMBERLINX will free your imagination from mechanical constraints.

    Timberlinx • 405 Concession Three • Cherrywood Ontario Canada L1X 2R4 • Toll Free: (877) 900-3111 • Ph: (905) 837-2964 • Fax: (905) 837-2665 • Email Ikon [email protected]

  19. Frame Parts small pic CREATIVE SHELTERS   They sell canopy kits, EMT tube frame fittings, tarps, and accessories. Good quality stuff. This website and business deserve more attention here because they provide a valuable source of fittings and tarps and information needed to build your own shelter system. They have a large selection of welded steel canopy and tent fittings. Create your own custom designed shelter to fit your needs.

    "We have a large selection of canopies, canopy frame parts, and tarp sizes and styles to choose from including heavy duty poly tarps, canvas mesh and fire retardant tarps. Fully enclosed canopies with gable end tarps and side tarps. Our kits include high quality joint fittings designed to be used with EMT tubing (electrical conduit) or chain link fence tubing. They include heavy duty tarps available in multiple colors and all the ball ties required for assembly. Our canopy kits are not only the low cost answer to those high priced shaky pop-up type shelters or flimsier PVC pipe structures, but also provide unlimited applications. Due to the expense of shipping we do not include tubing with any of our kits. Tubing can be purchased at many building supply or fencing supply stores."

    Creative Shelters • 1792 N 42nd Street • Springfield Oregon 97477 USA • Toll Free: (877) 435-8377
    Ph: (541) 988-5876 • Contact Form

  20. Super-Loc Connector NATURAL SPACES DOMES   A good looking connector system for those of you wanting to build your own geodesic dome frame from scratch.

    At the heart of the Natural Spaces Dome system is our patented connection hardware which we call the Super-Lok. Invented in 1978, the Super-Lok connection hardware was the answer to six years of dome building using inadequate wood plates, cheap metal brackets, and panelized systems. What we were looking for was a connector that was self-aligning and so simple to put together that any dummy- sorry, that should be any "novice" dome builder could do it. We didn't want you to have to do any of the assembly of the strut hardware up on the scaffolding. With our system all you do is slip the sleeve tongue into the hub slot and pound a hardened, zinc plated bolt “pin” in place, securely locking the two together. That's it - no coming back to tighten, no re-aligning, no adjusting.

    Natural Spaces Domes • 37955 Bridge Road • North Branch MN 55056 USA • Ph: (651) 674-4292
    Toll-Free: (800) 733-7107 • Email Ikon [email protected]

  21. starplate eco-cabin RAGNAR'S ECO-CABIN   For those of you interested in using the "Starplate" connector system - this is probably the premier place to go to get good information. The website has been up for a long time and he has updated it recently. Very interesting presentation with lots of good pictures.

    "Welcome to the Eco-Cabin website. Way back in the 70's Mom found a little advertisement for a book about this small cabin that can be built by two people.
    Well mom wanted this cabin for twenty-five years. About a year earlier she got holes dug and posts sunk to support the cabin. They sat there for a while but like most projects the first cut is always the hardest part of it all. While I was there in May 2001 to build the pump and utilities building (PUB), a building to cover the pump and hold a bunch of gardening tools. At one point waiting for a delivery of lumber I took the saw over to the posts of the eco-cabin foundation and cut them all to the marks and they all came out fine :o). In April 2001 we started to build an Eco-Cabin. So this site will document our progress in construction, our experiences learned from the construction and some suggestions if you'd like to build your own Eco-Cabin."

    Ragnar Torfason • 355 Downie Street • Peterborough Ontario Canada K9H 4J1 • Ph: (705) 741-0921
    Email Ikon [email protected]

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